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Company codes

Company codes can be immensely helpful if you partner with a lot of companies for which you have created special rates.

These codes enable you to provide those companies with their own code, which they can use to book rooms by themselves on rates attached to their company profile.

This is hugely beneficial as it will prevent unnecessary emails and/or phone calls between yourselves and the company, and manual input of bookings, ultimately saving you a huge amount of time and effort.

To set up the Company code, you need to 

  • navigate to menu Company->Search company.
  • locate the company for which you want to set a code
  • edit the profile

  • navigate to section 'WRS' and populate the 2 fields:

  • Access code (1) - set the code itself. This is the code that companies should use on BookDirect. Note that it is CASE and SYMBOL sensitive.
  • Role (2) - select if the profile should be added as a 'Company' or as an 'Agent' in the booking. 

Finally, make sure you have enabled the 'Company code' field in the BookDirect settings. More info HERE.

Once set, you can send the code to the company so they start creating bookings themselves on the BookDirect at the designated company rates. Furthermore, if there are 'Contact persons' attached to the company profile, they can be used during the booking process to save time and prevent duplications of Guest/person profiles. More info HERE.

Company rates

None of the above will be possible, however, without you attaching rates to the company. There are two ways of attaching rates - through a Company contract or by simply attaching individual rates to the company profile. Full information about contracts and individual rates can be found HERE.

Important: It is not required to publish company rates on BookDirect

Note: When companies use the code on BookDirect, they will see only the rates attached to their company profile.

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