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  • The INSEE export add-on should be enabled for your Clock PMS+ account in order to use the feature. If not enabled yet for your account, please contact our sales team:
  • You need to request your R2D2 connection credentials from INSEE via email:, as you should specify your hosting number. The reply will be processed within 24 hours.


To configure the interface, please open Reports -> DataExport -> INSEE export and carefully fill in the fields with the respective information. Only the 'Еxcluded room types' field is not mandatory. If necessary, you can use it to define the room types of which data is not to be exported. e.g. fictitious room types set up for various purpose that do not actually exist and therefore they should not be exported.


The export should be generated monthly. Select the year and month for which you wish to have the report generated and select CREATE REPORT. Once you select CREATE REPORT, a new entry in the Reports table will appear. You can download (through the Download option), the report and validate the data before you proceed with the data export (Export to INSEE option). After successfully exporting the data to INSEE, it will be available in the Exports table. The last column (INSEE response) contains the result returned by INSEE.


  • The information in the export is comparable with the data available in the Occupancy/Revenue Forecast and Pace Report;

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