Feratel (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) - Tourist tax interface

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1. Initial Setup

1.1 Navigate to Settings -> All Settngs-> AppConnector-> Feratel and enter the information

  • Country - You can select among Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
  • Municipality number - ÖSTAT.
  • Company number - property identification number (mapping code).
  • Max children age - set the maximal age for children.
  • Start date - an initial starting date for export (to prevent any guests duplication, it's okay to be a future date).

1.2. Creation of a "gdpr_card_agreement" custom field

To create the required custom guest profile field, navigate to Settings -> All Settings-> Guest Profiles-> Guest Profile Fields-> click the '+' button and enter the following, in the exact same format and wording:

  • Field name - gdpr_card_agreement
  • Type - String
  • Value list:
    • true: Allow
    • false: Not allow

Under GDPR, it’s necessary for the guest to provide their consent to our transfer of their personal data to the card system for guest card creation purposes.

We highly recommend selecting this attribute for each guest, otherwise, in case of a possible opt-out (because of revocation from the guest), it must be done via the Feratel WebClient.

2. Export of guests from Clock PMS+ to Feratel Deskline.

For the time being, the export of guests is manual. To do so, go to Reports -> All reports-> Data Export - Feratel Export. All bookings are exported, as well as all related guests for whom there are data changes. If this is the first export, the Start date setting will be taken into account, as all bookings fall into the period from the Start date up to the current date.

Important: You have to inform Feratel that you are using integration with Clock PMS+ for exporting guest details to their system.

Deprecated versions:

Feratel MedldeClient

A description of error codes is attached.

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