Advance invoices based on an amount paid

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Advance based on the amount paid will help you issue an advance invoice if you have already received payment and the invoice value should match the amount paid. Similar to the advance for specific services, in this case the creation of the advance is initiated through the folio with the services.


The special feature of recording advances is that the services to which the amount paid relates may be subject to different taxes. The payment-based advance functionality automates the process of compiling and issuing the advance invoice. To better illustrate the working mechanism, let us consider the following example:

Folio has charged services for 200 EUR( 120 EUR with 20% tax and 80 EUR with 15% tax) and registered payment of 100 EUR. The function will be applied as follows:

  • The amount of the selected payment is taken. In this case - 100 EUR.
  • The sum of all charges is taken. In this case - EUR 200.
  • Calculate the proportion 100 / 200 = 0.5
  • The selected charges are grouped by tax group and an amount is found for each group. In this case: 120 EUR with 20% tax, 80 EUR with 15% tax.
  • The proportion is used to calculate the amount for each tax group: 60 EUR(120 * 0.5) with 20% tax; 40 EUR(80 * 0.5) with 15% tax.
  • An advance invoice is issued with the amount thus calculated: 60 EUR with 20% tax; 40 EUR with 15% tax.
  • The payment for EUR 100 is moved to the Advance Invoice, so it becomes paid.
  • The amounts of the advance are absorbed in the original folio: -60 EUR with tax 20% ; -40 EUR with tax 15%.

Registering an advance 

To issue the advance invoice, first, open the service folio for which the payment is intended. 

Follow the steps:

  • Record the amount paid in the folio with charges
  • Navigate to the charges Details screen;
  • Select the services the payment is for, e.g. overnight stays only (if the payment is for all services on the folio, skip this step)
  • From the 'Functions' button, select 'Create Advance' (select the option depending on whether the payment is for all or specific services on the folio);
  • Select the 'Existing Payment' option;
  • Select the amount paid and move forward with 'Continue';
  • Select the charge template from which to inherit the text for the charges in the advance invoice, you have the option to add additional text.
  • Select the document type and confirm the issue of the advance invoice.

You will receive on-screen confirmation of the document issue, accordingly you can access it. The registered advance has been absorbed in the main accommodation folio.


The operations with a payment-based advance invoice are the same as with the other advances (from deposit folio and for specific services):

  • You can cancel the consumption by cancelling the negative charges in the accommodation folio;
  • For the advance folio itself, you can only apply "Cancel" and "Return advance" operations.

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