Charges - Transfer and Splitting

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The Transfer feature allows you to move charges among folios. These can be folios of a booking or company, as well as transfer among folios of of various bookings and companies. 

  • Open the details of the charges in the source folio;
  • Select the charges you wish to move;
  • Click Functions->Transfer to button (from the Selected Charges group);
  • On the next screen, select the destination folio where you would like to transfer the selected charges. To this end, first, select its payer:
    • Suggestions:
      • If it is a booking folio, the current booking will load here along with all of the rest bookings having the same reference number, as well as the profiles of the Company and the Agent, selected in the booking (if any);
      • If it is a folio of a Company and Event, you will be suggested the respective Company and Event;
    • Search - you have the option to look for a folio of another Company, Event or non-related booking. 
  • Upon the selection of the payer, the system will search for open folios. If such ones are found, you can make your selection in the 'Folio' field.
  • If no open folios are found, you have the option to create a new folio for the purposes of the transfer. To do so, click the 'Create a new folio'. You can specify the folio name and its currency. Confirm through the  “+” button. The newly created folio will automatically be selected in the 'Folio' field. 

  • Upon the selection of a transfer folio, confirm through the 'Transfer to' button.

A confirmation message about the transfer completion will appear on the screen, as well as an option to directly open the transfer folio.

Note: To transfer all services from the folio, it is not necessary to select them in advance, simply use the 'Transfer to' feature from the 'All Charges' group.


In contrast to the transfer, where the whole charge is moved, with the splitting option, you can set aside part of the amount of one or more charges into a separate folio. Similar to the transfer, the receiving folio can be a folio of the current Booking/Company, as well as a folio of another Booking/Company. To split the charges, please follow these steps:

  • Open the details screen of the charges in the source folio;
  • Select the charges you wish to split and select the Functions->Split button.
  • On the next screen, you need to select the folios among which you would like to split the charges. The folio search follows the same logic as with the transfer - first, select the folio payer and the system will suggest the available folios among which you can choose. You also have the option to create a new folio.
  • Upon selecting the folio in the "Folio", click the 'Add to split list' button - this is the list of folios among which the charges will be split.
  • After adding all folios to the list, proceed forward through the “>” button;
  • Select a splitting method. Here are the options:
    • Split equally - the system will split the charges proportionately among the folios on the list;
    • Split by percentage - in this case, for each of the folios on the list, you will need to specify what percentage of the amount to set aside. The system makes sure that the sum of these percentages is 100.
  • Confirm the splitting through the 'Split' button.

A confirmation message about the operation completion will appear on the screen. You have the option to open each of the folios among which you have distributed the charges.

As a result of this feature, the split charges in the folios will be with their original price and split quantities based on the selected percentages for each folio.

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