Charges - creation and editing

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To add charges to the folio, follow these steps:

  • Open the main screen of the folio;
  • Select “+” button in the “Chargesrow or in the upper right corner;
  • The charge posting screen will open, and you will see the charge groups (depending on the settings of your charge templates);
  • Click the respective group to load the predefined templates. If you don;'t know the group containing the template, you can use the search feature in the upper part of the screen;
  • Select the desired charge template;
  • On the screen that will open you can change the quantity and the date for which the service is charged. The fields available for editing depend on the settings of the respective charge template and the user rights granted to the respective user;
  • Confirm your choice through the “Add” button. The charge will appear on the right side of the screen. You can continue adding charges and they will be reflected on the list.
  • Before confirming the charge posting, you have the option to review the charges that you have added. If you have made a mistake, you can remove the wrong rows.
  • Confirm the charge through the “Charge” button.


To reflect the corrections to the charges in the folio, select the  “Details” in the “Charges” row on the main folio screen. You will be shown detailed info of all charges in the folio. To change a specific row:

  • Find the charge(s) that you would like to correct. If the list is long, use the search feature at the top of the group;
  • Select the rows that you wish to correct and click the Functions->Edit button. A form will open showing all possible fields for editing (depending on the user rights of the specific user).
  • Unlock the respective field for editing by selecting its row. Fill in the correct values and confirm through the “Save” button.

On the list, you will see the current state of the corrected charges.


To void a wrong charge for services:

  • Open the charge details;
  • Select the rows to be voided;
  • Click Functions->Void button. Fill in the operation reason and confirm.

On the list, all voided rows will be highlighted.

Change tracking

To track the changes made to the charges of a specific folio:

  • Open the details of the folio charges;
  • Select the specific service whose changes you would like to track;
  • Click the green "Eye" button in the upper right corner and click “Charge Control Report - single charge”. A screen will open with the chronology of the changes of the respective charge;
  • To see the chronology of the changes in the whole folio, use the “Charge Control Report - all charges” option.

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