Payments & Pre-Authorizations Screen

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Payments & Pre-Authorizations Screen

To access the screen, from the "Payments" row of the main folio screen, click the "Details" button. Here you will find details of both all payments in the folio and the pre-authorizations, and the related features.

Payment registration

You can register payments both from the main folio screen and the payment details. Click the dollar icon button and follow the steps:

  • Select the currency of the payment and specify the amount of the paid sum;
  • Select the method of the payment;
  • The “Text” field is optional and allows you to add notes to the specific payment that will appear in the printout view of the folio;
  • Confirm through the “Save” button.

Payment operations

To perform payment operations, from the main folio screen, open the payment details.

Void and edit

  • Open the details of the respective payment;
  • The “Edit” button only lets you add a description text to the payment, or if such one is already entered with the payment registration, this text can be edited;
  • Void- use the option to remove a wrong payment from the folio. Add a reason and confirm the operation.

Transfer of payments

The Transfer feature allows you to transfer the whole or part of the paid amount, registered in a folio, to another one.

The transfer of payments is divided into two features - Transfer to/from... (1) (the available payments in open standard folios are loaded) and Transfer Deposit from...(2)  (the payments in open deposit folios are loaded ).

The Transfer works in the well-known way through reflecting the positive and negative payments of the “Transfer (in-house)” type in the related folios. The difference is that both payments are now interrelated.

  • For each payment of the transfer type, you can check its source or destination folio;
  • In voiding the transfer payment, you are shown clear info of the related folio. The voiding of any of the corresponding payments will result in the voiding of the related payment.

This way the tracking of this type of payments becomes much easier, and the possibility for desyncing such types of transfers is eliminated.

Important: The new feature only refers to payments transferred through the new payment screens.

In the transfer of payments among standard folios, you can use "Transfer to/from..." features clicking the "Features" button, depending on from which folio you initiate the transfer. The steps are similar:

  • Open the corresponding folio from/to which you will perform the transfer;
  • At the next step, select what part of the available amounts to be transferred. Enter a transfer description text and confirm through the “Send”/"Get" button.

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