Charges Screen

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On this screen you will find details of all charges in the folio and the related features. Depending on the volume of the folio, the screen will load in a detailed or summary view.

Summary View

If the number of sources of the folio charges is larger, i.e. the folio is a group one, the screen will load in a summary view without details of each charge. This way the work with larger folios is no longer an issue, as you select at which point and which charges to be loaded.

To quickly find the desired booking in the group folio, we have added a filter by source. If the source is a booking, you can search by number and reference number of the booking, arrival date, guest names, etc. - the whole info in the summary row.

You can load the charges for each source through the “+” button at the beginning of its row. If necessary, you also have a quick link to the respective booking (source). 

Detailed View

If the number of the charge sources is not that large, i.e. it is a booking folio, the detailed view will directly load with the info of each charge. All charges are grouped by source - Booking, POS account, etc. To further ease the work with charges, we have added a search option. You can filter by Date and Charge text. The search for charge details is possible within each source (group). 

Charge features

All possible operations with charges in a folio can be accessed through the “Functions” button. All features can be applied to the charges selected by you. We have separated a few options that can be applied to all folio charges (2)  without being necessary to select them in advance.

How to apply the features

  • Find and select the respective charges. Use the filters to quickly find them. For your convenience, you have quick buttons in each group for selection/deselection of all charges in this group.
  • You can easily switch between summary and detailed view without losing info of the already selected charges. At the end of the group row, you can find info of the number of the selected charges.
  • Through the “Functions” button, select the “Selected Charges”(1) group option that you wish to apply. The options of the “All Charges”(2) group are applied to the whole folio regardless of which charges you have previously selected.

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