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Modified on: Tue, 23 May, 2023 at 7:29 AM


In the development of the folio screens, we have taken a new approach by separating the information to simplify the screens. Apart from the new screens being very easy to navigate, they also work faster than the old ones. Even opening a folio with a vast number of charges is as easy as a breeze. We have added many new features significantly facilitating the processing of folios minimising the errors.

Main Screen

The main screen gives summarised important information of the folio. Through quick links you can very easily switch between the related correctional documents (1) and the base folio without losing track in which folio you are. Here are all the main folio operations - adding charges and payments, switching the folio and making corrections to it. 

  • In the upper part of the screen (2), you can see the folio number and status, along with its 'Billing to' details. The folio currency is brought forward and can be changed in a click. 
  • Charges (3) - you can see the total amount of the charged services in the folio and have a quick button to add new ones. Through the "Details" buttons you can open a detailed list of folio charges with options to search, as well as to have access to all new charge features. We have made a change to the way of working with group folios and folios with many charges. The new screens detect large folios and do not load all charges, but only the ones related to the bookings that you would like to review or edit. This way they work much faster.
  • Payments and Pre-authorizations (4) - the total amount of folio payments with the possibility to add new ones. In the Details section, you will find detailed information of all payments, as well as you can see the pre-authorizations and the related features. 
  • The lower part of the screen (5) shows information of the folio payer with a quick access link. Here you can also edit the rest of the folio attributes and add tasks to it, or access the existing ones.  
  • At the bottom of the screen (6), part of the functional buttons are located. Through the “More..” you can make a folio duplicate, as well as to create a new standard or deposit folio. Here you can also access the new quick folio search screen. In addition to the menu, we have also added the option to choose a fiscal printer (if there is such one configured in the system) for the respective device. 

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