ROMANIA - DxPrint Setup (fiscalization)

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Setup of DxPrint driver to communicate with Datecs fiscal printers.

Setup requirements:

  • Clock IoT Device
  • Datecs DP25, DP50, DP150, FP650, FP700, FP800, WP50, WP500
  • DxPrint (driver download)
  • PC with static local IP address with Windows, Linux or MacOS

Setup steps:

1. Connect Clock IoT device in your local network.

2. Connect your Datecs printer/s to your local network, the device should be connected by TCP/IP or directly on PC COM port. 

The printer should be ready for work.

3. Download, install, and set up DxPrint.

3.1. Setup from driver interface or config.json

The driver should be in embedded mode with activated httpServerActiv.

  • Line: 4: "port": select printer communication.
    • "COM1" if printer connected by COM port (/dev/ttyS0 for Linux) 
    • "tcp://" if the printer is connected by TCP/IP, default printer port 3999, IP address should be checked from the fiscal printer.
  • Line: 19: "httpServerActiv": true,
  • Line 24: "embedded": true
  • Line 20: "httpPort": 8080 (if needed change, default is 8080)
  • Line 83: Add your Dxprint license key, instead of "Cumpara licenta de pe" (there is 14 days trial period)

Start Dxprint service from the driver interface or your operation system terminal and try to open from the internet browser the printer address (in our case If the setup is successful you should see the following page:

4. Open your PMS/POS account, navigate to Settings -> Fiscalization -> Dx Fiscal Driver -> Add new

Add a name for your Dxprint fiscal printer, select the IoT device, and enter the IP address and port of the computer where is DXPrint service installed (NOT the fiscal printer TCP/IP parameters). 

Create payment mapping between your PMS/POS account and DXPrint.

5. Setup your fiscalization settings from Settings -> Fiscalization -> Romanian fiscalization


Additional notes:

  • One DXPrint license can work with one fiscal device but can be accessed from multiple working stations.
  • The interface accepts fiscal requests only with "RON" folios currency.
  • Reports can be reached from Settings -> Fiscalization -> Dx Fiscal driver -> Your printer -> Operations.
  • In the attachment, you can find DXPrint error codes list.
  • Error: write tcp> write: broken pipe - service not available, should be restarted.
  • DxPrint full documentation in Romanian.

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