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The Meeting Room Calendar is a useful tool that will show you the availability and bookings for your Meeting rooms at a glance. To ease operations, you can create a meeting room booking directly from this screen and attach it to an existing event or create a brand new event.

To open the calendar navigate to menu Event->Meeting Room Calendar.

  • Period (1) - select the start date of the calendar and how long of a period you want to see (click 'View' to load).
  • Time Span (2) - select the time-span which the calendar will show for each room and day. By default it is set 08:00 - 21:00.
  • Rooms (3) - select if you want all meeting rooms to be seen on the calendar or only specific ones.
  • Zoom (4) - you can change the visualization of the calendar to be more compact or wide.
  • Descriptions (5) - You see the descriptions for the staff of each meeting room. Clicking the blue arrow will open the full description.
  • Bookings (6)- each meeting room booking will be visualized on the calendar showing the most important information about the booking. Clicking on the box will open the meeting room booking page. The boxes can have one of 3 colors:
    • Green - it is an active booking (not optional).
    • Yellow - the booking or the whole event are marked as 'Optional'.
    • Red - can happen only in case the event has status 'Non-guaranteed' and the meeting room booking has a 'Confirm until' date which has passed.

Important: The calendar will show Meeting Room Bookings. It does not show Events as some events might not involve a meeting room booking.

Creating bookings through the Calendar

To ease and speed up your operations you can also create meeting room bookings through the Calendar.

  • click on the calendar for the respective meeting room, day and time to start the process.
  • the meeting room booking screen will open from where you proceed normally to create a meeting room booking
  • make sure to select the 'Company' organizer and select the event if this booking is for an already existing event
  • in case the event does not exist yet, use the 'New Event' field to create it

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