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Creating Meeting Room bookings

In order to book meeting rooms, navigate to the Event page and click the '+Add' button in section 'Meeting Room Bookings'.

On the next page, you will be asked to fill out the information about the booking:

  • (1) - select to indicate if this catering activity is optional or eventually cancelled.

Note: If the whole event is with status 'Optional' or 'Allotment' the meeting room bookings can be only 'Optional'.

  • (2) - enter start date/time and the duration.

Note: use the 'Multiday' option in cases where the meeting room will actually be occupied 24,48,72, etc. hours. In case the event will happen over several days, but from e.g. 09:00 to 17:00 each day, create an individual booking for each date. This mostly affects visualization on offers and Function sheets. Here is an example of how a multiday booking for 48 hours will look like in an offer:

  • (3) - select one or more meeting rooms part of the booking.
  • (4) - when creating the MR booking through the event page, these fields will be automatically populated with the Company profile and the respective Event.
  • (5) - through this field, you can create a new event. This feature is usually used when creating a meeting room booking directly through the Calendar (see HERE).
  • (6) - enter a 'Confirm until' date (optional). After this date, if the status of the whole event is 'Non-Guaranteed', the meeting room booking will be marked in red in the Meeting room calendar.
  • (7) - select the Activity type (optional)- e.g. Wedding, Conference; Team Building; Networking event, etc. You can create the activity types from menu Settings->All Settings->Activity type.
  • (8) - select what the Activity setup style should be (optional) - e.g. U-shape, Boardroom, Classroom etc. You can create the Activity setup styles from menu Settings->All Settings->Activity setup style.
  • (9) - enter # of Persons attending this catering activity. This is a particularly important information, please make sure you always enter it.
  • (10) - enter a description of this MR booking. This description is available in the default offer template and can be used in any custom document templates you create.
  • (11) - enter internal notes about this MR booking. They are visible in the default 'Function sheet' intended for your staff.
  • (12) - once you create the activity, you can edit it and create ToDo tasks related specifically to this catering activity.

Adding charges

Until now, you saw how to create a Meeting room booking and enter all the information. However, you have not seen how to add the charges for the booking.

Important: Cancelling the meeting room booking will not void any related charges. If charges need to be voided, please make sure you do that manually.

Once you've created the booking/s, you will see the 'Charge' button next to each of them:

Simply post the charges for the respective booking. Those charges will be added to the main Event folio and you will have a breakdown of the charges and their related booking:

Furthermore, all the information you've entered will be visible in the Function sheets per MR booking.

You can find more information about Function Sheets HERE.

In regards to the guest/customer-facing side of these charges, you have the option to show them separately as pictured above or combine them together. Please check THIS article which explains the various options for presenting the charges on the event folio.

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